What is this Blog about?

  • Planning a trip to/in India?
  • Have no idea where to start?
  • Overwhelmed by the information out there?
  • Done a truck load of research & don’t know what to do with it?

If all or any of the above is true, then you have hit the jackpot my friend. The TSI Blog is an initiative by TravelSense India, a ‘How to’ resource for practical travel information to take away the pain from the planning.

What’s the idea?

The idea is to provide travel related information that you can use, spread over many Content Hubs such as Foods & Flavors, Culture & Customs, Destinations, Getting there, Shopping, Only in India etc with new content ideas being added regularly.

Who are we?

The TSI Blog is backed by a group of young and energetic travelers & entrepreneurs Udit, Neha and Vasudev. We love India, we love to travel and we want to share our experiences and knowledge about India in a way that you can practically use it to have a better experience here.

Instead of our rants about the beauty, dynamism, diversity etc of India you will find here content that will help you explore all of these and more, by means of:

  • ‘How to’ articles
  • Travel & food guides
  • Tips & insights to get under the skin of a destination
  • Where & what to buy and how to avoid shopping scams
  • Photography and how to get the best clicks at your favorite sights
  • and much more

TSI is looking for other travelers, dying to bring out the Shakespeare in then, so if you think you can write the kind of stuff we do, please get in touch here.

What’s the catch?

Nothing…! There is no catch here. This blog is a totally free resource and requires no registrations, logins or permissions. Although if you like what we do and want to receive our updates by mail, you can subscribe to the blog here