Delhi is a city that houses all sorts of cuisines – be it street food or a seven course meal, this city has something to satisfy all kinds of taste buds. It therefore comes as no surprise that Delhi is often referred to as the food capital of India giving a rather stiff competition to cities like Bombay, Goa and Bangalore.

While the other gastronomically famous cities match up to Delhi in terms of world cuisine, funky restaurants and great vibe, there is one thing that belongs exclusively to Delhi and that is phenomenal street food. I have traveled across various parts of India and often noticed people selling “Original Dilli Wali Chaat”.  If it found a place in people’s tummy half way across the country, there ought to be some merit to it, right? So here is my list of Five delicious and cheap treats that you can only get in Delhi. And the icing on the cake is, that they are all under Rupees 99.

  1. Channa Bhatura – The best place to get this mouth-watering meal is at Sita Ram Diwan Chand located in Paharganj. Don’t be confused, like I was, with the rather small entrance. This little restaurant boosts of the best Channa Bahutra in the Capital. You can sample this by paying as low as Rs. 45 for a plate. Not a bad deal at all!
  2. Papdi Chaat & Aloo Chaat – You will find a dozen of vendors scattered around the city selling all kinds of Chaat but you will only get the best one behind the UPSC building in Central Delhi. I have tried almost all kinds of Chaat available in the city, but the UPSC Chaat wala wins hands down. It is the best that there is (and of course the oldest). Sink your teeth in the world famous chaat for as low as Rs 50 per plate. This guy is so famous that he even has rumors doing the rounds about him; word has it that he sells approximately 100,000 plates of Chaat each day!
  3. Rabri Faluda– Now everyone who is anyone has tried the Indian form of Ice-Cream- There are a number of places in the city where you can find this dessert in abundance but no one and I mean no one can recreate the magic of Rabri Faluda at Giani’s in Chandni Chowk. This little corner shop operates from a single window in Old Delhi. They are famous for their signature dessert the Rabri Faluda, an innovative take on Kulfi Faluda. The helping of this signature dessert is rather generous and is more than you can eat and only for Rs. 70
  4. Paneer Ke Pakode– If India had to choose one national dish I bet it would be chai and pakoda. This combination is so beautifully intertwined that it is hard to think of one without the other.  While most Indian households have perfected the Pakoda, one vendor that has made a running business out of it is Khandani Pakodewala in Sarojni Nagar. With pieces starting at Rs 12 only, this place, according to me, is a must visit. As per my experience, it’s best to go in the morning to beat the rush and get fresh, piping hot Pakodes.
  5. Chicken Rolls – A great chicken roll must be well cooked, moist, drenched in flavorful gravy and wrapped in a soft piece of bread. If by some stroke of luck it comes under 100 rupees, that chicken roll can make a fast track entry into the hall of fame. Well this is precisely the reason why the rolls of Tibb’s Frankie in Hauz Khas is something out of the ordinary. This place literally operates from a stall but what makes it stand out is the fact that you can choose from various flavors while getting your rolls made. Be sure to carry an extra change of cloths because these bad boys tend to get super messy owing to the generous amount of gravy that they are made in. Take your pick with rolls starting at Rs. 70 only.

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