If you're a honeymooner or an adventure sport enthusiast on vacation in India, you'll love Manali which stands proud at 6400 ft, cradled in the valley of the Beas River. With stunning mountain scenery, Manali is a preferred jumping point to other attractions such as Lahaul, Spiti and Ladakh.


The Rakshas were nomadic hunters who populated this region until the Kangra Valley shepherds took over. The next inhabitants were known as 'nar' or 'naur' and they belonged to a specific caste from the Kullu valley. However, legends dictate that Manali was formed by Varvasvata, the 7th incarnation of Manu who re-created life after floods destroyed most of the world.

Things to see

Manali can be your stop to visit Rohtang Pass, one of the highest pass at almost 14000ft or you can venture to Nagar home of the famous Russian painter, poet, writer Nicholas Roerich. You can enjoy an early morning dip in the hot sulphur baths at Vashisht Kund or trek down to the river bank and find an idyllic spot to enjoy the valley.

Things to do

You can go mountain biking, fishing, rafting, rock-climbing and mountaineering during your stay in Manali.

If you want to drive into the highest motorable pass or just want to relax in the hot sulphur baths of Vashisht, click here and lets get started.

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