Our Knowledge


The only source of knowledge is experience…..Albert Einstein

Your experience in India depends on what we know and how we plan your custom India tour. The better informed we are, better will be your experience.

We believe any India tour plan has 4 key elements:


  • Destinations
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Other Services

and you get the perfect India tour plan when all these come together according to your requirements. The correct, updated & in-depth knowledge of these 4 elements allows us to create unforgettable experiences for you.


How we get this knowledge?

  • Personal Visits
  • Research
  • Networking

Personal Visits:

Proof of the pudding...: Most of the destinations & accommodations in our tours have been visited by the TSI Team. We experience the hotels, homestays, BnBs etc first hand either by booking a stay with them or by visiting them and meeting the owners & management. We also visit the sights and monuments in each destination to make sure they are worth your time and effort. 


On our visits we also look for any new & off-beat experience that might add value to your tour i.e. spending a day at an elephant farm in Jaipur or cooking classes in Udaipur or working with underprivileged kids in Mumbai. 


Burning the midnight oil: It is our best effort to physically visit and verify all destinations, accommodations, services etc that we use, but if we cannot, then we research them online thoroughly to make sure you have a quality experience. 

We use the best online review sites, travel blogs etc to get an unbiased opinion and then get in touch with the management to make sure you get what you have paid for.



Hello! My name is.....: We visit trade fairs, exhibitions, meets etc all over India to find more and better accommodations, services and vendors to provide the best services for you. We are also members of online communities and networks to keep our knowledge up-to-date.


We make it our best effort that we work with local companies and small businesses in each area so the benefit of the income generation stays in the area itself.

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